Dead Week

For once, I am going to take the term “Dead Week” seriously. Due to both conferences and ongoing back issues, we will not hold class this week. For those of  you who have yet to sign up for conferences or who have submitted late drafts, I will be in touch with possible meeting times. Apologies for this end of semester confusion but something tells me you could also use the extra time anyway! I should be available during finals week for any extra work on essays.

By the way, no one has filled out the online evals yet. Could you please do this for me?! Thanks!



For those of you who didn’t catch it, the second reading we were going to discuss on Tuesday can be found under the “Reading” tab above.  We’ll talk about both readings a bit and then watch the documentary Paradise Drowned.

I’ve pushed back the due date for the abstracts one day. Everyone should publish their abstract on their personal blog by Friday evening.

Apologies for the class cancellation but I am having some trouble with my back. I will be in class tomorrow, though I may have to lie down!!

Talk on Japan and radiation

For those of you who didn’t make Gregory Button’s talk, here is the flyer for Dr. Tomomi Yamaguchi’s lecture on the politics of radiation risks in post-Fukushima Japan. Extra credit can be received for attending talk and writing a short post in your blog about how it connects with themes in our own class. Extra credit is equivalent to 1/3 of an essay letter grade. (Sorry, only one extra credit opportunity per student)

Conferences and Thursday

Hi all-

Apologies for the late update. We’ll sign up for conferences on Thursday in class. I am working to get all the papers done by then (about 30 in all!). Hope you are enjoying the weather (its actually nice!) and the time off. Be sure you’ve read and are prepared to talk about the first three chapters of Colbert’s Field notes from a catastrophe for class. There may even be a quiz….