Student Blogs

To set up your personal blog journal, click on this link and follow the instructions. Be sure you select the FREE WordPress site! When you have finished,  email me ( your new blog address so I can make a link to it below. Consult the syllabus for details about blog journal requirements.

Michelle Conder

Maddie Jackson

April Claunch

Madison Breuklander

Adrienne Coyle

Jake Naifeh

Dylan Pugliese

Daisy Ramirez

Justin Valdez

David Haralson

Makayla Pipkins

Harrison Ford

Rachel Brooks

Kyle Stevens

Drew Sanderson

Hyeon J. Jun

Katherine Crowley

Zack Palank

Adam Buvette

Hunter Clark

Ryan Hile

Lauren Harrah

Cindy Phillips

Natalie Niblitt

Matt Pumphrey

Sidney Wiggins

Rebecca McKenny

Austin Huth

Jacob Benson

Andi Phillips